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Prayer list


With our structure, we risk failures in understanding and transmitting our tradition, and failures in pastoral care. We do not always adequately support one another. When we appoint people to carry out tasks for us, there is a danger of approaching this in too secular a way… We can and must pray for them to receive the necessary gifts and strength from the Spirit.


I am struggling with someone who has been chosen to perform a certain task – and I find it very difficult to relate to that person and don´t trust enough (based on some experience though). And then someone send me that quote from Quaker Faith and Practice – I need it badly. It is a good reminder for me to be more patient, more assuming the good in the actions and less fault finding. I´m in a deep struggle here and it is right to pray for that person more.

When I was a student I lived for one year in an intentional community. Every morning I joined the small morning prayer group (two elderly ladies and me, 23 years old!). One of the ladies had a “prayer list”. She had made a list of all the people she wanted to uphold in prayer: family, friends, neighbors, sick ones from the community and church, visitors who had passed through and left a prayer request with the community or her…. I found myself praying for all sorts of people I have never met but who´s names had been given to me and a short story or sometimes just a “oh, they have a hard time”. I found it strange, how one could keep a list – of all things! So bureaucratic.

When I revisited Koinonia this spring I was reminded of my time there – and that prayer list. In the rush of our day with the many tasks, chores, and pleasures I keep forgetting, that we all should be on someone´s prayer list – and have one where we remember those we love and those we have a hard time with. I am thankful for being reminded.That was the last nudge I needed to start my prayer list today.




l´Arche Community Atlanta


The l´Arche Community is getting ready to open the first house in Atlanta. It is newly renovated older building. We are lucky to be able to meet in such a peaceful atmosphere.

It is located just outside of Atlanta and in a nice neighbourhood. I took a walk yesterday. The neighbourhood itself has declared themselves an arboretum. So walking around you are made aware of wonderful, mostly old trees. Small tables at the bottom are telling you the names. But the most beautiful trees are Dogwood  – blossoming they are so elegant. I remember them when I first stayed in Georgia more than twenty years ago.

…and the video tells you: welcome!

Arriving in Atlanta leads to …. waiting in a queue forever. While you are waiting there you can´t go to the restroom, move around a bit, drink water or sit – its plain standing. What about the elderly? What about families with children? It´s not amazing that nobody is protesting – well, you want to enter that country visiting friends or family, sight seeing and having all the arrangements ready. Who is speaking up for the understaffed Immigrations officers – I wouldn´t want that job because it is not your little flock facing you – its a wall of energy, tired and on the move and restrained.

While one is standing there in line all the while a person on a screen hanging there over your heard tells you: Welcome – we are working fast and conscientiously here. And you just experience that while the second part of the second part is true, you feel ridiculed by the welcome that does not match your waiting for nearly three hours to show your passport. No camera allowed (I bet!) and no cell phone – I worried of not being able to get in touch with Lucas. Though it was my cell phone not  connecting me (well, I tried, can´t do that to people). He was waiting faithfully outside – waiting for hours like me not knowing what is happening.

Now that I am here – it´s just wonderful. People are just so friendly. It´s a green city – many trees in the neighbourhood, quiet, squirrels in the garden. I´m having my first stroll and end up in a nice coffee shop drinking coffee, looking at people. There are a lot of them, sitting at small tables, and working on their computers. Some on the phone on business – are these public space offices? Looks like it. Might be a good concept for a small business.

Ringen mit dem Engel

Was sind die Lehren dieses Tages? Das Ringen mit dem Engel lohnt sich. Manchmal weiß ich wirklich nicht, ob dieser Engel der andere ist oder ich selber oder vielleicht beides. Jedenfalls kann ich mich immer wieder darüber freuen, wenn ich aus einer schwierigen Situation nicht weg gegangen bin, sondern weiter gerungen habe. Was macht uns bleiben? Wenn es das in uns berührt, das nicht verhandelbar ist.  Das Ringen findet nicht notwendigerweise in der Nacht statt, aber es kann sich anfühlen, als ob wir in der Dunkelheit sind. Hinterher merken wir manchmal, selten: Wir waren im Licht.

will walk away soon

Ich freue mich schon auf meine längere Reise nach Atlanta via Berlin und Frankfurt. Es ist eine kleine Reise in die Vergangenheit durch die Besuche bei Koinonia und Jubilee, aber vor allem geht es um die Zukunft und IFOR´s Botschaft von Versöhnung und Gewaltfreiheit .